The Wizard of Ads Group is gearing up for another season of marketing seminars geared for owner-operated Main Street businesses.

Learn how to boom your business with advice for the independent entrepreneur.

We’ll be assembling some of our top speakers from across the US and Canada to share their secrets on how to streamline your marketing and grow your business:

  • Learn how to get more bang for your marketing buck!
  • Make commercials more effective with powerful messaging
  • Trim the excess fat and really dial in your marketing budget.
  • Learn the 12 Most Common Mistakes in Marketing and how not to commit them.
  • Cut through the clutter and speak to customers in the style they prefer.
  • Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts for owner operated businesses.

These are open seminars and all business owners are invited. The only requirement is a desire to learn more about marketing. You will experience a fast-paced, jam-packed program with specific action items you can take with you and implement when you go back to work the next day. We will not–NOT–spend the day giving you sales pitches. There is nothing to buy at the back of the room.

We’ll cover a lot of territory throughout the afternoon and we’ve enlisted some of our most engaging thinkers and speakers to present their ideas.

Stay tuned for more events to be announced soon in this space.

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